How to Start A Profitable Blog in 2022, Full Guide

Are you thinking about how to start a blog? This article is going to be very helpful for you. I am going to give you a step-by-step guide on How to start a blog?

I  have explained the Step by Step Process of Starting a Blog. If you read this carefully and follow all the steps, then you will learn how to start a blog.

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How to Start a Blog in 2022- Start a WordPress Blog

To start a blog, you have to follow some steps. Here I have explained to you the step-by-step process to start a blog, which you can start easily.

Step 1: Choose Blog Niche

Everyone can start a blog, but in order to rank it, many people fail and stop working on the blog. Because a lot of people were already working on the niche. And you should also keep in mind that in the niche that you have selected for the website, you should publish related blog posts from the same niche. Now you must be thinking about how to select a good niche.

So You have to do Keyword Research according to the niche of your blog. If you want to make your blog on Gaming Niche. So you have to search from your niche and see whether there is a Search Volume on Related Keywords from those niches or not. Use Ahref Tool to do Keyword Research.

These are some very popular niches in which you can start your blog, if you have good knowledge about any of these niches, then you can create your blog in these niches.

  • Insurance
  • Loans
  • Lawyer
  • Donate
  • Degree
  • Credit
  • Software
  • Treatment
  • Recovery
  • Hosting

So, you can write a blog in such a niche in which competition is low and you can easily get your website ranked high on search engines. So you must have understood how important it is to choose a Niche.

Step 2: Choose Domain and Hosting Plan

We need a domain to get the website online. This is because whenever someone wants to visit our website, they will enter the domain of our website to the browsers, and then our website will open in the browser.

What is Domain

If you do not have any knowledge about the domain, then today you will understand what a domain is? Just like everyone has a home or office address. So that if we tell any person his address, then he reaches that address. Similarly, if we tell the domain of the website to someone, then he can reach your website immediately. So you must have done some search on Google.

How to Choose a Domain Name

There are many ways to choose a good domain name, For example, if the niche of your blog is on Food Recipes, then there must be a keyword similar to Food in your domain. So that when anyone searches for this, he can understand what this blog is about.

How to Buy a Domain Name

So before booking a domain name, you have to know where you are buying hosting. Are they giving you the domain for free or not? Because many hosting providers offer free domains to increase sales. So I will recommend, that you can purchase a domain from Hostinger it gives a free domain when you buy the hosting plan.

Buy Domain Name

What is Web Hosting

Those who do not know about web hosting, then they can only know this. We need land to build our house. In the same way, we need web hosting to bring our website online. All the Images, Videos, PDFs, or all other necessary files of the website are stored on this hosting.

How to Buy Hosting for your Blog

You will find many such companies that sell web hosting. Some of which are:- Godaddy, Hostgator, Hostinger, A2 Hosting, Reseller Club, etc. But I would advise you to take hosting from Hostinger because I also use this web hosting.

If you are a beginner blogger then it is better for you to take web hosting from Hostinger because Hostinger is a cheap and good web hosting.

So let’s get started on how to buy hosting from Hostinger.

1: First of all, Go to the Hostinger by clicking on my given link, then here you have to choose the hosting plan according to you, 

hosting plan

If you are a Beginner Blogger, then Single Web Hosting or Premium Web Hosting Plan will be better for you. You can select any of the two.

2: Now you will get the option of Add to Cart, you will have to click on it. Then on the next page that will open, you will have to fill in the details of the payment.

Hostinger plan

If you have taken Premium Web Hosting, then you will also get a free domain, so fill in the domain name with whatever name you want to buy the domain.

3: After clicking on Check Out Now, you just have to make a payment. So that you can easily purchase Hosting and Domain.

Step 3: Setup Your Blog

After purchasing Domain and Hosting, then you need to install WordPress. So let’s start this process.

1:  Go to the Hostinger Dashboard And click on the Manage option.

Hostinger Dashboard

2: By clicking on the Manage option, you will go to the Control Panel of Hosting where you will get many options. Then scroll down and you will get the option of Auto Installer, click on it.

Click to Auto Installer

3:  After clicking on Auto Installer, a new page will open, there you will get WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla, and other options, now you have to select WordPress and install it.

go to the wordpress

4:  Now you have to create a username and password, and fill in all the details so that you can log in to your WordPress website.

5: When you complete all the settings, you can easily install WordPress by clicking on the Install option.

install wordpress

6: Now you have to open WordPress Dashboard by using this link: and enter login details (email id and password).

  • When the Dashboard will open, first of all, you have to enter your Site Name because the Default Site Name is written in it. 
  • To change this, you have to go to the Settings option, and then go to General Settings and change your Site Name and Tagline.

    Wordpress General Settings
  • Change the permalink inside the settings, here you will have to choose the URL Structure for your website. Whatever you like, you select it.

    Permalinks setting on wordpress

Step 5: How to Install a Theme

We always have to put good content as well as a good theme to make your blog good. Now if you find a good theme, then you may have to pay money for it.

So let, ‘s how to apply a theme to the blog. You have to follow some points to apply the theme to your website. which are as follows;

1: So you have to go to the WordPress Dashboard, where you will get an option on Appearance, and click Theme Option

themes settings

2: After Then you will see Add New option at the Top, and then search by typing GeneratePress in the search box. 

3: Click on the Install button, after that this theme will start installing, now you have to click on Activate and your GeneratePress Theme will be successfully installed on your blog.

install generatepress theme on wordpress

You can download the theme from any other website and upload it to your WordPress website.

Step 6: How to Install Plugins on a Blog

To install the plugin on the blog, you do not have to do much, you just have to click on the plugin option and after clicking on Add New, you will get a search box in which you have to write the name of whatever plugin you want to install. Some plugins are as follows.

  • Yoast SEO
  • Akismet Anti Spam
  • ShortPixel
  • Autoptimize
  • Site Kit
  • Table Of Content
  • Contact Form 7
  • W3 Total Cache

Step 7: Write Blog Post and Optimize SEO

You have to write a blog post and optimize the blog. So let’s start writing a blog post, how you can write a blog post.
First of all, you have to go to the Dashboard of the WordPress website, you will get the option of Posts here, click on it and go to Add New.

2: After clicking, a page will open, here you will get the option to write Add Title at the top.
After this, under the title, you will get the option of Start Writing or Type / To Choose a Block from where you can start writing your blog.

write first blog post

Along with this, you can add many things like Images, tables, etc. to your blog post.

3: Once you have done a blog post, you also have to do On-Page SEO of this blog post before publishing it.

optimize wordpress blog

4: Here are a few SEO Optimization tips which you have to follow during blog posts

  • Optimize the images for the blog post.
  • Optimise Meta Title and Meta Description.
  • Use focus keywords on the title and description.
  • Make the URL of your blog post-SEO-friendly.

Final Words – How to Start a Blog

Here I have tried to understand very well how to Start a Blog. I hope you have liked this blog.  then you must share it with your friends and if you have not understood any steps, then you can comment.

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